Shop Locally

The words ‘shop locally’ are thrown around a lot lately. The message is plastered all over Facebook, in our papers and on our televisions. But when I say ‘shop locally’, how many people actually listen?

You would be surprised at how many people fail to listen to such an important message. Some people just don’t understand the consequences of where they spend their money.

I know that everyone has heard this before, and I know that ofttimes it goes unnoticed, but it is so important to support the town and community that we all live in. The simple truth is that if we don’t, there won’t be a town to support.

It’s more important than ever to shop locally in such hard and devastating times such as the ones we are in. I understand that there is less money to go around but whatever you can buy in town, you should buy in town. Groceries, haircuts, fuel, dog food, car services, tyres, homewares etc as well as supporting locally based tradies or professionals. $100 spent gives the economy a $180 boost!

As a family owned business that relies heavily on local community support, we appreciate every dollar spent in our store, and are so thankful for our customers!

So before you head out of town to purchase something that can be sourced locally, please consider the consequences. Shop locally; your community will thank you for it!

x Keeley

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