Our Services

In the past couple of weeks, I have shared what our great community has to offer – which, I’m sure you can agree is a great deal! This week though, I’ve decided to share a bit about what our family owned and run business – Texas Rural Agencies – offers.

As you all know, Texas Rural Agencies is first and foremost, a real estate agency. But did you know we offer loads of other services, besides selling your house? I mean, obviously property sales are our main service and we always aim to make the process as straightforward as possible for all parties….but there’s so much more!

Property Management

Do you have an investment property that you’re thinking of renting out? Well our team can make the process as easy as possible! Our property management team can provide the following:

– Reliable tenants, chosen from our extensive database
– Regular property inspections
– Management of maintenance issues
– Monthly disbursements of rental income
– Monthly owner statements
– Liaising with tenants on your behalf

Property Appraisals

Property appraisals can be an invaluable tool when selling your property. They can ensure that you get the best price for your property in the best time frame possible. Our team can provide you with fair market appraisals so you get the best outcome for your property!

Livestock Sales & Cartage

Texas Rural Agencies can assist in the marketing of your livestock in conjunction with TopX Warwick. We can also organise the sale or purchase of your sheep and cattle as well as the transport to and from weekly sales. Market reports or valuations can be provided by our experienced staff to ensure you get the best results!

Clearing Sales

Our experienced team can arrange on-site clearing and/or multi-vendor auction sales from start to finish. Texas Rural Agencies will organise the auctioneer, catering, bid cards, advertising and payments for the day, so your clearing sale goes as smoothly as possible and you get the best results!

As you can see, we offer a whole range of services to assist you with not only real estate sales, but property management and livestock as well. As always, we would like to thank all of our loyal customers who use our services and are excited to continue to serve you in the future!

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